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October 21, 2015 Comments (0) Gear Reviews

ALPS Mountaineering Comfort Series Air Pad XXL

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ALPS Mountaineering Comfort Series Air Pad

When you’re away from home and want some added comfort to your cot or sleeping bag, try an ALPS self-inflating air pad. With the comfort series, the pad will inflate and deflate quickly with the jet stream wave foam and roll up compactly to fit into the stuff sack. The top is a comfortable, brushed Suede-like fabric with Anti-Slip Dots on the bottom to keep you from sliding around. The Comfort Series also features brass non-corrosive valves for maximum durability. Another benefit of adding an air pad is that it will help keep you warmer… essential to a well-rested night. Specifications: Regular-Dimensions: 20”x72”x13”, Weight: 2.6 lbs., Stuff Sack Size: 4.6”x21”, R-Value: 4 Long-Dimensions: 25”x77”x2”, Weight: 4 lbs., Stuff Sack Size: 6.5”x26”, R-Value: 5 XL-Dimensions: 30”x77”3”, Weight: 6.4 lbs., Stuff Sack Size: 8”x31”, R-Value: 6.9 XXL-Dimensions: 30”x77”x4”, Weight: 8.4 lbs., Stuff Sack Size: 11”x31”, R-Value: 8.1
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This here is the “Big Boy” of air pads, built for a guy like me.   This pad is a whopping 4 inches thick when fully inflated, 30 inches wide, and 77 inches long.  Inflates very quickly, just open 2 brass valves(not plastic)  and unroll the pad.  One cool feature on this pad is the built-in pillow.  Deflating is a breeze as well.  I’m not a small man and this pad passed the 320lb challenge with flying colors.  I can’t wait to try this next month when Steve and I go after the ever so elusive AZ White Tail Buck.  I’m sure we will come back with many stories on how we passed up so many small buck’s just to get the monster spike that we bring home.   That is IF we bring one home, we are kinda known for coming home empty-handed and not even firing a shot.  Conserving ammo is the only reason I can think.   Guess you will have to wait till then to hear that story.

ALPS XXL Ultimate Stress Test!!

ALPS XXL Ultimate Stress Test!!


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